The 5 different outfit types to consider for your personal branding photoshoot

So you’re booked in for your branding photos but now you’ve got to work out what to wear. Your choice of clothing plays a big role in crafting an image that truly represents you and your brand. In this post, I’m going to share the 5 different types of outfits that I recommend to all who come along on one of our social shoots. This range of outfits will give you a huge variety in your photographs and will mean you will have the perfect shots for each and every occasion where you might need to use them.


For your professional outfits I recommend picking clothing that you would dress in if you were going to be standing on stage in front of a room full of your ideal clients. This doesn’t have to mean blazers and full suits (although it can), nor does it have to be overly corporate, but it is generally the more polished formal outfits. You want to think of your entire outfit from head to toe when putting this outfit selection together. They usually have matching accessories such as jewellery or ties, and are worn with either high heels or dress shoes. Keep in mind what you would wear if you were presenting or attending an event for your business, and that should help you with planning this outfit.

Bring 1 -2 of these outfits max with you (unless of course you work in a highly corporate field and this is what you would wear most days).

Smart Casual

These are the outfits that you would wear when you go to meet with your clients. They should reflect the real you and feel like the you that shows up in person on a daily basis. This could be a uniform or branded jacket if thats something you have. On all of our social shoots we do photos that show how you work with clients, so I recommend 2-3 of these options when you’re planning your wardrobe. These clothes are most likely already in your wardrobe, so there is no need to go out and purchase anything specifically for your shoot.

Casual Outfits

These outfits are the sort of clothing you would wear on a weekend to meet friends. They are slightly more relaxed than the smart casual and should be outfits you find super comfy and that you can move easily in, or sit cross-legged on the floor etc. Now when I say casual I don’t mean your old daggy most loved t-shirt after all you do want your images to still have professional feel, so ensure they are still good quality.

These are the type of outfits that you don’t necessarily need to bring matching shoes for. Bare feet can be totally fine for these outfits but only if you are happy and comfortable with that. I myself hardly ever wear shoes when I am around the house chilling out, so bare feet is something I would most likely wear with this type of clothing anyway. Bare feet can give your images a more relaxed, down to earth and comfortable vibe, so if you’re not afraid to show of your toes this might be the right option for you (and I promise we won’t be focusing on your feet anyway , unless you’re a reflexology specialist or something).

Bring 1-2 options with you on the shoot day. These are the perfect outfits to show off hobbies you might be into, or for when we head out into nature. If you’re brand athestic is super casual then you might want a few more of these outfits and perhaps less of the professional ones. Remember these suggestions are just a guide to help you with your planning, you need to bring what fits with your brand.

Workout wear / Loungewear

Only bring these outfits if they are relevant to your story. These are your home clothes, think comfy leggings, baggy jumpers, workout wear. We do want these to be your instagram worthy home clothes though so again no old daggy favourites. And also be sure to check for the see through factor – last thing you want is an underwear line showing in your finished images.

Generally only 1-2 of these options and again only if they work for you (say you work in the wellness or yoga/ pilates/ physical instructor/ beauty therapy area)

Glitzy Ensemble

This is your sex and the city kind of outfit. The big personality pieces that injects a bit of fun and can become your signature item. This is a chance for you to bring out your flamboyant, eclectic, or party outfit. It doesn’t even need to be an outfit, perhaps its your favourite pair of fun earrings, your favourite handbag or amazing boots or heels that you pair with a simple pair of jeans and shirt. These are playful outfits, but they don’t need to be super out there or crazy. This isn’t the sort of outfit for everyone but if you’ve got something in your wardrobe you just love that perhaps doesn’t fit into your everyday business wear then bring it along and we will see what we can do.

You will probably only want 1-2 of these outfits max.

Choosing the right outfits for your branding photoshoot is a crucial step in creating an image that authentically represents you and your brand. In this post, we’ve covered five different categories of outfits to provide you with a wide range of options for your photographs. From the polished and professional attire perfect for client presentations to the comfortable and relaxed weekend wear, each category serves a specific purpose in showcasing different facets of your personality.

Remember, your wardrobe choices should align with your brand’s aesthetic and the message you want to convey. I hope these suggestions make planning for your personal branding session a bit easier. By carefully selecting outfits from each category, you’ll have a diverse collection of photos that cater to various professional scenarios. So, bring along your favorite pieces and let’s capture the essence of your unique brand!

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