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Hi, I’m Daria Williamson. I’m a leadership and personal strengths coach and trainer. I teach people how to identify what they’re amazing at and love doing, and how to use those insights to create the kind of life and work they’re dreaming of.

I work with high-performing individuals and teams, teaching them how to apply the strengths-based approach to everything they do. You might be thinking about a career change, keen to take on a new challenge in your existing role, or looking for ways to do your best work, get great results, and look after your wellbeing along the way. If you’re ready to learn how to identify your special brand of magic and how to use it to create the kind of life and work you’ve been dreaming of, I’ve got the tools that will help.

I have done multiple shoots with Katrina. I initially did one of her social shoots because I needed client interaction shots. I’d already looked into setting this up with a friend, but the amount of details to sort it all out was overwhelming – scheduling conflicts, find an appropriate location and photographer, plus sorting hair, makeup, catering etc. So when I saw the Social Shoots offer, I knew it was the hassle-free solution I was looking for.

I then did a solo shoot about a year later as I needed some updated headshots and product shots for marketing The Strengths Deck and launching my book Unleash Your Awesome, plus photos of the UYA launch party.

When I booked the Social Shoot, I was just starting to work on becoming more visible by getting active on LinkedIn. By the time the solo session rolled around, I’d developed pretty good engagement on LinkedIn, and was starting to see sales of The Strengths Deck and Unleash Your Awesome picking up.

Before I did the social shoot I was feeling pretty nervous, as I generally don’t like my photo being taken. But with everything on the day taken care of, the pampering of getting hair and makeup done, the delicious food, and the other awesome business owners to hang out with, it turned into way more fun than I was expecting!

I have used my photos everywhere! My website, social media, newsletter, podcast and speaking appearances, pitch decks etc.

To connect with Daria and find out more about what she does

Her website –
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Or to find out more and purchase her strength deck cards and awesome book head to

I (Katrina) personally own and have read Daria’s book and I can highly recommend it. So definitely check it out and discover your own strengths and how you can lean into them within your business and life without burning out or sacrificing your wellbeing.

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