As a service based business YOU are your business, and people need to connect with you to want to work with you.

Moving beyond headshots, a personal brand photoshoot portrays YOU in depth - going behind the scenes, showing your unique personality and brand values, and giving you oodles of great visual content that you will love and want to use in your marketing.

I help service based business owners show up in their business

Often people come to me saying they just need a headshot! And for some people this is enough, but for most people, especially serviced based business owners, a simple head and shoulders shot just isn't going to cut it.

We hear all the time about showing up consistently on social media, and we all know that stunning eye catching images are needed for every post. Having a bank of beautiful, high quality images to draw on for your website and socials will save you hours of time scrolling through stock sites trying to find the right pic (that your competition aren't already using) or trying to take the perfect selfie.

Not only will you be able to use these images on your social media and website, but also on the likes of your business cards, lead magnets, book covers, and worksheets just to name a few options. 

On one of our personal branding shoots you'll have the opportunity to capture images showing what you do 'behind the scenes', showing yourself working with your clients, some of the tools of your trade, what you like to do when you're not working etc. We'll also capture a wide range of expressions, outfits and possibly multiple locations. 

Personal branding is about more than just a headshot

Imagine never having to spend hours hunting through stock photos again, only to find your competition is using the same one.

 Instead you'll have a stunning library unique like YOU

Social Shoots


We have three different shoot options with something to suit everyone. Find out more about each session type below

Our solo branding sessions focus just on you. These are perfect if you need your photos done in a specific location, or you just want a quick short session to update your photos. 

Solo branding shoot

Our social shoots are our most popular option. You'll get a years worth of photos in one day, and we'll take care of everything (including those tricky to organise "client" interaction shots). 

Social shoot

Need photos & videos to tell your full brand story? Then this is the shoot for you. 

Brand duo shoot

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