Behind the Brand – Sarah Davies, Sweet Spot Business Coaching

Todays behind the brand shout-out goes to Sarah Davies from Sweet Spot Business Coaching. If you haven’t heard of Sarah or met her yet I highly recommend you reach out. Sarah is one of my business coaches and has made a huge difference to my own business. She is in part, the reason why social shoots exist in the first place.

I’m Sarah, a strategist and coach. I help people who want to turn their knowledge and expertise into a profitable business. The people I work with have incredible talents and skills in their area of expertise but stabilising their foundations, taking their knowledge and packaging it, becoming confident at sales and effectively marketing their business is unchartered territory for them.

My ideal clients are solopreneurs and the small end of small business owners. Mostly I work with creatives, coaches and consultants who are either early in their business journey and want to get set up right the first time, or more established owners who know they have gaps. What they have in common is that they are action-takers – they just don’t know what action to take!

I chose to have a social shoot because it was the perfect fit for what I needed. I wanted to have shots in different locations and to have interactive shots with other people as well as profile images. I loved the idea of a years worth of photos in a day and having fresh new shots delivered every few months. Being able to work with a payment plan was an added bonus that I appreciated.

When I booked my shoot, I had an established business. I am very active on social media but I was finding the few professionally taken photos I had were becoming repetitive. I wanted to have more variety that I could use more extensively. The catalyst to booking was really just seeing the offer. It was something I was going to get around to doing but once the date was released I just jumped on it. I was also due to launch a new program, and loved the idea of having a new signature shot for that.

Prior to the shoot, I was concerned about what I should wear, if I would get enough variety in my poses, and how I would use the images. The shoot was so much fun, I didn’t have to ‘try’ and smile because we were laughing all day! The atmosphere was great, I loved that we had a hair and make-up artist, lunch was provided, and everything was thought of. I use my photos daily in my social media, content and banners, on my website, in my online program, on resources and worksheets, for podcast guest covers, workshop flyers, newsletter banners, and business cards, gosh I could go on!

Some examples of how Sarah has used her images

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