Behind the Brand – Catherine Watson, Boldly Design

Todays behind the brand shout-out goes to Catherine Watson of Boldly Design. Catherine is a graphic designer who works with service-based small businesses who want their visual marketing, branding and website to stand out in a crowded market. She has an intense love of colour, an appreciation of effective beautiful graphic design, and is passionate about providing service business owners with visual marketing collateral that enables them to show up more confidently and boldly in their business.

I met Catherine through a mastermind group of business owners I was part of and so I invited her to join my very first social shoot as part of my pilot offer to see if this was a style of shoot I wanted to offer. She agreed to come along because she knew it was time to have some updated images – and the biggie – “I’m always telling my clients they need to get photos done for their websites etc, so I knew that I had to walk the talk”.

The idea of getting in front of the camera gave Catherine huge anxiety. As she put it ” I am not a natural in front of a camera”, but as I told Catherine unless you are a model no one is. I totally understand that being in front of the camera is really confronting but it’s my job to help you feel comfortable, and the joy of our social shoots is that you get to share the experience with 3 other business owners, so the focus isn’t completely on you.

When I asked Catherine after the experience how she found it she said “Katrina, her team, (and the others on the shoot) made it lots of fun and helped to keep me relaxed. The photos are awesome with a huge amount of variety. Katrina has really thought through where and how the images can be used, so she has allowed for things like copy space.”

Some of Catherine’s photos from her social shoot

To connect with Catherine and find out more about what she does

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See what Catherine had to say about her social shoot with us

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