Behind the Brand – Zoe Hunt, Sage & Well

I’ve got something exciting in store for you on the blog. Picture this: more images, incredible clients, and their truthful experiences of how they found their personal branding photoshoots. I can’t wait to showcase their stories and show you just how diverse and amazing the business owners I work with are. We’ll delve into how these awesome entrepreneurs have used their stunning photos to boost their businesses and show that all business types can benefit from personal branding photos. Welcome to “Behind the Brand”.

Today I wanted to introduce you to Zoe Hunt from Sage & Well. Zoe is a degree-qualified registered clinical nutritionist, naturopath and pharmacist. Her ideal clients are those with chronic skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. She is very big on preventative health, so introducing solids in infants and microbiome optimisation are important parts of her practice. She also loves treating gastro-intestinal conditions such as IBS, food intolerances, SIBO, reflux, diverticulitis, coeliac disease, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Her clients are people of all ages, from infants right up to the elderly.

Zoe chose to join one of our social shoots because she said “It looked like great fun, and I liked the idea of having other people there on hand to pose for the photos. This worked perfectly for the type of work that I do (consultation work), as I’m never on my own.” As Zoe works a lot with children, I was able to ask one of my portrait clients who lived nearby to pop in with their young baby for a few shots as well, so that Zoe had photos to show the range of people she works with, not just the other business ladies who were on her shoot.

Zoe had been in business for a few years when she came along for her photoshoot. When I asked her why she had decided to get personal branding photos done now she said it was time for a website refresh.

A few shots from Zoe’s shoot

Before the shoot, Zoe was anxious about what to wear. But with the help of our prep guides, she realised it wasn’t such a big deal. On our social shoots we encourage everyone to bring multiple outfits so that we can get a huge range of shots, and photos that you can use for each season. We recommend you dress as you would for meeting your best clients, and we know that you will already have all of these things in your closet, so there is no need to go out and purchase anything new (unless you want the excuse of a shopping trip of course!).

When asked how she felt during and after the shoot she said “Great. It was so much fun. I felt relaxed and at ease. It was like a fun day out with the girls but with the added benefit of great photos afterward.”

Some examples of how Zoe has used her images

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